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September 15, 2014
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Schenectady tooth lossWe often tie the concept of old age into certain medical ailments. After all, everyone over a certain age has to deal with dentures, right?

The perpetuation of this idea can be dangerous. If you think you’re going to lose your teeth anyway, what’s the point in keeping them in top shape? In reality, you may not need to face tooth loss. Of course, depending on your genetic predisposition, as well as some other risk factors, tooth loss may be more likely to be in your cards. But many patients who possess the right DNA and also take excellent care of their teeth will never need to undergo the tooth replacement process.

We want happy, healthy teeth for all our patients. That’s why we offer the tools and resources you need to preserve your teeth - in the near and distant future. The actions you take today will have resounding effects in the years to come. Oral health begins with your daily brushing and flossing - and ends with a gorgeous smile.

Fighting Tooth Loss - One Day at a Time

Studies of how many adults have lost their teeth are showing some good news. When looking at the last fifty years, dental health reports show that tooth loss is actually on the decline. So how do we keep it from experiencing a resurgence? By educating those around us, and making sure oral health is a universal priority.

If you’re already invested in your teeth and gums, then you can copy these tips and share them with a friend or family member. Let’s make tooth loss a distant memory.

Risk Factors

There are certain aspects of your health and lifestyle that can increase the chances of losing teeth. You should visit the dentist more regularly (and may need to take special precautions) if you are:

  • Older than 35
  • Male
  • Not having regular dental exams
  • Not brushing or flossing consistently
  • A tobacco user (or have been one in the past)
  • Diabetic
  • Arthritic
  • Experiencing high blood pressure

As you surely noticed, some things on that list are unavoidable. But others can be prevented. And if you need help taking charge with your oral hygiene, or scheduling your next exam, you should contact a dentist as soon as possible.

Gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss. It’s important that you do everything possible to avoid periodontal problems, and treat them as soon as you can.

Is Something Holding You Back from Dental Care?

Schenectady dental examIf there’s a reason why you haven’t been cleaning your teeth or scheduling your appointments as you should, then there’s also a solution to the problem. The first step is identifying what’s keeping you out of the office.

The most common cause of dental inattention is dental anxiety. As dental professionals, we understand how debilitating this can be. If nervousness about the office is something that’s a pressing force in your life, we can help you tackle it. Sedation dentistry is a huge tool in the battle against fear of the dentist. Engaging in open communication with your dentist and the office staff will also help you prepare for procedures, and know what to expect.

Already Missing Teeth in Schenectady?

If tooth loss is already present in your life, it’s not the end for your smile. Taking fast action will prevent you from losing bone, forming cavities or gum disease in the area surrounding the missing tooth, or seeing other teeth shift, compromising your bite.

The most comprehensive way to replace a tooth is with a dental implant. This titanium post sits in your jaw bone, forming a strong connection and acting as a foundation for restorations.

As always, we are here to help. Contact Us to schedule an appointment, or just get answers to your questions.

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