October 17, 2013
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When a smile has aesthetic issues, the teeth aren’t always to blame. While we pay more attention to our teeth for the prominent role they play in our smiles, our gums are actually an important part of a smile’s appearance. Teeth and gums must be properly balanced in order for a smile to look just right. Whether your teeth are covered by too much gum tissue and appear small, or lacking in gum coverage and look overly long, Dr. Scotto will work with you to determine a comfortable and effective course of treatment. This blog post will help you learn what you may expect from cosmetic gum surgery.

Types of Aesthetic Gum Surgery

  • Gum grafts – Age, bruxism, and other dental problems can lead to gum recession. When gums pull away from teeth, they can leave overly large areas of tooth root exposed, aging smiles. Gum grafts take soft tissue from elsewhere in your mouth (commonly the roof of your mouth) to supply lacking areas with fresh tissue.
  • Gummy smile treatment – When gums cover too much of teeth, the teeth lose some of their luster. Patients with gummy smiles hide their grins and laughter, embarrassed by the appearance of their gum line. A gingivectomy will remove small amounts of gum tissue from problem areas, revealing a perfect smile.
  • Gingival contouring – Sometimes patients benefit the most from a varied approach to their gum line. Gums may cover too much of a few teeth, while leaving others exposed. Gingival contouring will tackle each area on an individual basis, resulting in a smile that looks beautifully natural, symmetrical, and balanced.

Can I Benefit from Gingival Surgery?

Gum surgery isn’t all about looks – it can result in stronger teeth alongside a more beautiful smile. Gum grafts that cover areas exposed by gum recession will help reduce tooth sensitivity and prevent decay at the delicate tooth root. Gum surgery could make many changes to your smile and life – get in touch with our Schenectady office if you think it could do so for you.


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