July 02, 2014
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Schenectady dental implantsWe all want to live our lives to the fullest. This means ensuring that each aspect of daily life is as fulfilling as possible. The big hitters are your job, relationships, and hobbies. But your teeth play a role in personal satisfaction that many underestimate.

While you may not realize it, the state of your smile actually dictates a great deal of your happiness. Your teeth lead the way in every interaction, allow you to comfortably speak and eat, and help determine your self-esteem and confidence. If they’re in disrepair, you won’t enjoy the myriad benefits of a full grin.

What’s the solution? With contemporary restorative dentistry, you have a few options for rebuilding or replacing pearly whites. We can't deny that dental implants stand out from the pack. By choosing implants, you guarantee stable tooth replacement and ongoing support. Read on to learn just how this is possible.

Replace Missing Teeth Without Making Compromises

Schenectady implant dentistThe field of restorative dentistry continues to evolve. Patients enjoy more and more options for rehabilitating their teeth, with increasingly ideal results. If you’ve waited to replace your teeth because you weren’t confident that dental work would look and feel natural, it’s time to stop hesitating. Dental implants change the restorative game.

Implants have become one of the most talked-about tooth replacement methods due to their longevity and unparalleled support. Here are just a few ways implants differ from (and surpass) other restorations:

  • They reach below the gum line – Most restorations only address the crown portion of the tooth, which is the visible structure above the gum line. Implants dig deeper, as they are placed in the jaw bone. This creates new foundations for dental work, and removes the need to rely on neighboring teeth for support. Implants are individual anchors that hold restorations in place.
  • They bond with natural tissues – The titanium material of an implant is biologically compatible with osseous (bone) tissue. This allows implants to integrate with the bone surrounding them, forming an incredible bond.
  • They last – All dental work has a set lifespan. Because implants become a part of your jaw, they manage to last for many years to come (and, in some cases, for life).
  • They can be paired with nearly any restoration – Implants are versatile. They support most restorations, including individual crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures. This allows you to rebuild teeth the way you want.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Implant placement is a surgical procedure. This means that there are some qualifying factors, and that treatment will be followed by necessary downtime and healing precautions. Is it really worth it to spend that time and energy, when you could replace teeth without implants anyway?

Of course, individual needs make this answer slightly different for everyone. But there are certain things implants offer that lone restorations can’t match. This is especially true for patients using partials or dentures. Common problems with these restorations include a loose fit and unnatural feel. Partials can also weaken the remaining teeth that they use as supports.

Getting implants will eliminate these concerns. Once your dental prosthesis is attached to one or more implants, it will look and feel far more natural, and function well. Implants therefore work to improve your overall satisfaction. Without the frustration and anxiety that come with ill-fitting restorations, you’ll move confidently through your daily activities and interactions. And we think that’s well worth the investment.

Finding An Implant Dentist in Schenectady

Dr. Robert Scotto and his team are ready to rebuild your smile. If you’re interested in implants, contact us today to begin a conversation.

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