October 28, 2013
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Schenectady Botox for painYou’ve probably heard plenty about what Botox can do for facial lines and minor wrinkles. While this is an effective use for the muscle relaxing medication, Botox is capable of much more than aesthetic repairs. Because of its unique capabilities, Botox will actually relieve certain types of muscle pain. The way it affects muscles can halt troubling contractions that have been causing you discomfort for even long periods of time. Read on to determine whether Botox is right for your muscle pain. You don’t need to put up with the daily frustration and reduced quality of life that accompanies chronic pain any longer.

How Botox Prevents Muscle Pain

While not all types of pain will be prevented by Botox treatment, it’s ideal for discomfort that stems from overactive muscles. Certain conditions will cause muscles to contract against your will, leading to them becoming overworked and fatigued. Depending on the muscles, we can even be unaware of the contractions and their connection to our discomfort. With such lack of control over these contractions, there’s little we can do to stop them. This is where Botox can step in and remedy the situation.

Stopping these contractions can be necessary to allow the muscles to relax and pain to cease. Botox targets specific muscles to prevent nerve impulses from reaching them. Without commands from your nerves, those muscles will cease contracting. Our Schenectady dentist, Dr. Robert Scotto, is highly trained and experienced with Botox therapeutic. He will only inject a certain amount of medication at the precisely right site, leading your muscles to relax only as intended.

Muscles Appropriate for Botox Treatment

  • The temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint (TMJ) – for pain stemming from clenching, grinding, and TMJ disorders
  • Facial muscles – for head pain
  • Neck and shoulder muscles – for myofascial pain

If you’re interested in remedying your muscle pain directly, Botox is the right step. Get in touch with our Schenectady team to learn more.


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