August 13, 2013
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Those of us who fear our dental appointments cringe while waiting to hear our final diagnosis. Will there be a cavity that needs filling? Will we need to spend time and resources repairing holes in our teeth? There's one surefire way to remove some of that anticipatory stress: taking better care of our teeth so that cavities don't have a chance! There are steps you can take at home to prevent tooth decay and ensure that your next dental exam will find you cavity-free.

Stop Tooth Decay at Home For Healthier Teeth | Schenectady Dentist

1.     Brush your teeth – properly! While we all brush our teeth, we’re not all doing it in the most effective way. Brushing more efficiently will save time and ensure the brushing targets bacteria. Check out this brushing guide to see if your technique is on-point.

2.     Floss. Flossing reaches areas of your teeth that a toothbrush can’t hope to access, and removes otherwise inaccessible food particles from problematic spots. Flossing is not optional. If you need some extra flossing motivation, try floss holders or flavored floss to find a flossing experience you enjoy. Try to floss before bed to remove bacteria before sleeping.

3.     Rinse with water after eating and drinking. Rinsing removes bacteria and acids before they can damage enamel. Plus, rinsing is simple to do and possible nearly anywhere. Whenever you find yourself caught without a toothbrush, swish some water between your teeth for a similar cleansing effect.

4.     Use fluoride. Fluoride remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth and lessen sensitivity. Thicker enamel is a great weapon against decay.

5.     Adopt a tooth-friendly diet. Foods good for teeth include raw veggies, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and non-acidic fruits. If you must indulge in sweets, brush after – but not too soon after! Highly acidic/sugary foods soften enamel, meaning an immediate brushing could have negative effects. Wait an hour, then clean.

6.     See your dentist regularly. You will have a unique schedule for dental exams depending on your teeth and your needs. Talk to Dr. Scotto to learn when your next exam and teeth cleaning should take place. Visiting our Schenectady office regularly to catch dental problems in their earliest stages and remove the need for extensive restorative work.

Preventing dental problems with daily steps is the simplest way to ensure your next Schenectady dental exam pronounces you cavity free

Those are our top tips for avoiding tooth decay – do you have any of your own to share? Contact our office with any questions about how you should be taking care of your teeth.


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