September 09, 2013
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As we age, our teeth wear in ways we don’t appreciate. Enamel thins and yellows, teeth become more sensitive, and our gums recede. There are solutions for different types of dental aging, with gum grafts stepping in to reestablish the support your teeth may have lost. Whether your gum recession was caused by bruxism, periodontal disease, or simply the passage of time, a simple gum graft will restore tissue to the area and stimulate new growth. Read on to learn more about the procedure and when a gum graft is the right plan.

Why do I need a gum graft? | Schenectady

Gum grafts may be performed for both aesthetic and health reasons. Significant gum recession will make a smile look less than perfect, and prematurely age your appearance. Recession also exposes tooth roots, which are sensitive and prone to decay. A gum graft will prevent that decay and the onset of periodontal disease, by covering an area where a periodontal pocket could develop. Gum grafts also provide extra support for teeth, preserve bone density, and reduce tooth sensitivity. And we think that’s a winning combination!

Schenectady Gum Graft Procedure

In order to receive a gum graft, that portion of soft tissue must be taken from elsewhere in your mouth. There are different types of gum grafts, with the most common taking tissue from the roof of your mouth. A flap may also be cut in the gums below the area of recession and flipped up to cover the exposed tooth root. You will be anesthetized during the procedure, and will not feel the tissue being removed or the graft placed.

Gum grafts prevent future disease and repair smiles. If you think a gum graft could be the right treatment for you, simply call our office to schedule a consultation. Great gum health and a happy smile are in your future.


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