January 29, 2014
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Single-Appointment Transformations

Schenectady smile makeoverA “smile makeover” sounds like a serious overhaul. But the complexity of treatment doesn’t necessarily define a smile makeover; the results do. In fact, gaining a smile that is dramatically different from your present one can be achieved within the space of one appointment. An enduring, beautiful smile doesn’t have to come at the cost of multiple appointments, hours spent in the dental chair, and weeks spent wearing temporaries while waiting for restorations. Certain cosmetic treatments will revive your smile during just one visit to our office.

Candidates for Smile Makeovers

Being a candidate for a smile makeover is not belonging to an exclusive group. Really, anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with his or her smile is ready for a transformation. Depending on your teeth, aesthetic goals, and dental needs, we’ll determine which treatments are appropriate. Although the term “makeover” can inspire thoughts of the superficial, your new smile will be entirely functional and long lasting. It will not undermine the affected teeth – rather, many types of cosmetic work will strengthen them.

Single-Day Cosmetic Treatments

Dental Bonding

Consider fillings of old: big pieces of silver or gold that left marks on a smile. Today’s fillings are tooth-colored and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, thanks to dental composite. Composite is a tooth-colored resin that bonds securely to teeth. It may be molded into nearly any shape, filling areas of teeth that are lacking in some way. Bonding may be used to

  • Fill gaps
  • Whiten
  • Lengthen
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Reshape
  • Cover cracks or chips

…and it does so without requiring a dental lab. Dr. Scotto will select the right shade of composite, shape it, bond it to your tooth, and harden it – all chairside. You’ll enter our office with a flaw, and leave with a perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening

Schenectady dental bondingWe’re sure you know what teeth whitening is – but you may underestimate all that it can do for your smile. Some patients initially seeking more involved cosmetic work find that whitening accomplishes the level of dramatic change for which they had hoped. With whitening’s versatility, you’re also able to experience treatment as you wish. Whether you’d like to whiten at home or in the office, your options remain open. Struggle with sensitive teeth? Modern whitening methods help to minimize twinges and produce the results you seek.

Professional whitening will brighten your smile by several shades within 1-2 hours. With home touch-ups, you’ll enjoy a whitened smile for months to come.

Cosmetic Contouring

Contouring may be the simplest of the treatments listed, but it can also carry impressive results. Rather than adding anything to your teeth (as with whitening and bonding), contouring actually removes tiny portions of your smile – to great effect. Some smiles can suffer because of a jagged or uneven smile line (the curve where your upper and lower teeth meet). Jutting canines, asymmetrical incisors, and other structural flaws will detract from your overall smile. Contouring will smooth and reshape tooth surfaces to craft your ideal smile. Better yet, it’s likely that anesthetic won’t be required. That kind of simple, painless treatment is one that we’re proud to offer our patients.

What if these treatments aren’t right for me?

While smile makeovers can’t always be simple, they will always be completely natural looking and patient-oriented. If your teeth demand more than the treatments we’ve detailed here, we will walk you through the steps of the process to ensure you’re wholly comfortable and prepared. If you’ve ever spent time feeling ashamed or unhappy due to imperfect teeth, a smile makeover is something you should consider. Take the first step by getting in touch with our Schenectady practice.


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