July 16, 2014
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Schenectady teeth whiteningCosmetic dentistry isn’t always complex. Some of the most satisfying, effective treatments are actually ones completed in a single appointment. If you’ve been putting off teeth whitening, it’s time to rethink your dental priorities.

When your teeth aren’t bright, you’re robbing yourself of enjoying their full potential. Your smile is a tool that helps support you throughout every endeavor. With whiter teeth, you’ll feel more confident, notice boosts in your personal interactions, and present a fresher image to the world. As soon as that new smile is in place, you’ll start seeing changes throughout your life. And since your commitment is just an hour in the dental chair, the investment is well worth the results.

What Whiter Teeth Communicate About You

Judgment is an inherent part of human interaction. While beauty is more than skin deep, your appearance plays a significant role in what others think about you – especially when forming initial impressions. It’s rare to meet someone new and immediately have an in-depth conversation that shows your inner self. So that new acquaintance forms the majority of his or her impression from your appearance.

You lead with your smile. And it’s those teeth that others are drawn to upon meeting you. Your teeth communicate what you’re all about – whether or not you’re conscious of the message they’re conveying. What does your smile say about you?

A recent Crest survey found that both men and women declared the smile to be the most important factor in determining attractiveness – and that 73% of them agreed that yellow teeth ruin even the prettiest grin. Conversely, white teeth will get you noticed, appreciated, and remembered.

In addition to attractiveness, whiter teeth communicate

  • Sound health – White teeth look healthier than yellow, stained ones. Good health is appealing to everyone, and will make others want to align themselves with you.
  • An investment in personal appearance – Showing that you put a certain level of effort into your appearance reflects a respect for yourself and those around you. It also tells others that you’re interested in moving onwards and upwards.
  • Confidence – When you feel good about yourself, you behave more confidently. You take the lead in professional and social interactions, and put your best self forward.
  • Success – When you look composed and tailored, you look successful. Whether you’re already where you want to be in life, or are in the process of striving for greater success, it’s a wise image to share with the world.

A Brighter Grin in the Workplace

A white smile is more practical than you might think. White teeth not only make you look better, they make you work better. Your professional performance will rise when you return to the office with brighter teeth. Since you’ll feel more confident, your work presence and quality of work will change. If you're working in a field that values personal interactions, you’re going to rise above. You will feel comfortable commanding attention, being at the center of work situations, and leading a team. This could even help lead to a promotion, as you’ll show your superiors that you’re able to take on more responsibility.

How To Whiten Your Smile in Schenectady

Schenectady teeth whiteningWhitening is a low-commitment, high reward treatment. Whether you would like to whiten on your own, or whiten in the office, we’ll help set you up with the whitening products necessary. Home whitening offers more gradual results, while in-office whitening is complete in one day and noticeable immediately.

Ready to get whitening? The first step is to schedule a consultation so that you’re sure to whiten safely. Get in touch with our office to arrange your appointment.

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