October 22, 2013
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When a tooth has been severely damaged by decay, trauma, or another one of life’s unpleasantries, it may need some help to continue functioning. A dental crown can rebuild your teeth in a simple but spectacular way. A crown can prevent a tooth from succumbing to infection or incurring further damage. Understanding how crowns work and when they’re the right choice will help you decide whether a crown could be right for you. Read on for a primer on dental crowns from our Schenectady team.

How Dental Crowns Work

Crowns are a general and cosmetic dental restoration. Their purpose is dual: they both improve your smile and protect the teeth beneath. Dr. Scotto may use crowns to

  • Lengthen teeth
  • Restore small or worn teeth
  • Protect broken or cracked teeth
  • Maintain teeth that have undergone root canals
  • Cover severely stained teeth

A crown is shaped like a cap, and it fits neatly over the remaining natural tooth. This cap remains securely bonded to the tooth for many years, preserving your smile far into the future.

The Porcelain Crown Procedure

  1. We prepare the tooth that will be receiving a crown. Depending on your tooth, this can mean anything from minimal to more significant tooth reduction.
  2. We’ll take an impression of the prepped area to make a crown that will fit perfectly.
  3. Dr. Scotto will place a temporary crown on the prepared tooth so that you have a full smile during the wait for the crown to arrive from our dental lab.
  4. You will return for a second appointment when the crown is ready. We will place the crown and bond it to your tooth.
  5. Dr. Scotto will check the crown’s fit and make any necessary adjustments to make it look more natural or work with your bite properly.
  6. Your smile is complete!

If you’re interested in a dental crown, give us a call to learn more.


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