November 19, 2013
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It’s true that TMJ treatment will return your jaw joint to normal. But what does “normal” mean, exactly? In this case, it means it will be functioning properly, working without pain, and supporting every jaw movement you make. For patients who have been struggling with TMJ pain for many years, normal jaw function may be something they’ve forgotten! We look forward to bringing relief and improving your jaw function with Schenectady TMJ treatment.

What is TMJ Treatment?

Your TMJ is your temporomandibular joint. It connects your lower jaw to your skull, and allows you to bite, chew, speak, and accomplish other tasks vital to daily life. Located just in front of your ears on both sides of your face, your jaw joints are an incredibly important part of your facial structure. Unfortunately, their delicate structures make them prone to malfunction.

When your TMJ isn’t working properly, you will experience any number of symptoms. These may include

  • Swollen jaw
  • Tender teeth
  • Painful jaw
  • Headaches or facial pain
  • Earaches
  • Pressure at the jaw
  • Clicking or grating sounds coming from the jaw
  • A fatigued-feeling jaw

None of these are things you should have to deal with on a daily basis. TMJ treatment will soothe the discomfort associated with a TMJ disorder and return your jaw to health. Our Schenectady practice offers several types of treatment to accommodate different levels of TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ Treatment Options

  1. Botox treatment – Botox tames the muscles at the jaw joint to allow the jaw to relax. Your jaw often clenches while you’re sleeping or otherwise unaware. Botox will keep it calm so that the area is able to heal.
  2. TMJ splints – These mouth guards restrict your jaw movement so that the jaw can’t behave in damaging ways. They are worn nightly to prevent clenching and grinding, and retrain the jaw’s position.

If neither of those treatments bring you respite, we will work with you to find another path. Get in touch with our practice right away if your TMJ is misbehaving.


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