December 07, 2013
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Schenectady Botox treatment for jaw painWhen Botox Is Right For You

You may be considering Botox treatment for a solution to pain, and intrigued by its possibilities. How do you determine whether Botox is the appropriate step for you to take? This blog post will help you identify your own needs, and discuss whether Botox treatment could provide the results that you’re seeking. Our Schenectady team is on hand to answer any questions you may have – we want you to feel comfortable before treatment, and dentist-patient communication is an invaluable aid.

Botox Therapeutic

Chronic pain is a beast that can be quite difficult to tame. That pain often stems from an overactive muscle, which you have little control over. The jaw joint holds a great deal of stress, and can be prone to clenching. If you’ve had problems with your TMJ (jaw joint), you understand the pain that accompanies frequent clenching – and you want it to stop.

Solutions for TMJ Pain

A common answer to jaw-related problems is an occlusal guard. This helps to keep grinding under control. Unfortunately, bite guards aren’t always the right solution, Depending on the amount of stress that you’re putting on your jaw, you may still be stressing the area. Botox relaxes your TMJ so that you can’t clench your teeth so firmly – even while sleeping.

You don’t need to wake up with headaches, an exhausted jaw, and swollen TMJ any longer. Even when other treatment options have proved unsuccessful, Botox could provide relief from pain. If you’ve been experiencing muscle-related chronic pain, call our office to discuss your candidacy for Botox.

Meeting with your dentist is an important step of any Botox-related decision. Contact our Schenectady practice to learn more about treatment, and whether it could be right for you. We hope to help you move past jaw pain and reclaim your regular life.


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