December 02, 2013
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Schenectady oral surgery“Oral surgery” can be an intimidating phrase. We find it’s easier for our patients to face upcoming treatment if they focus on its positive aspects. Surgery can be more involved than other dental treatments, but it can also address the roots of problems that more superficial treatments can’t manage. Depending on your personal needs, your oral surgery with Dr. Scotto could result in a more beautiful smile, improved oral health, and stronger teeth and bones. Read on to learn about a few types of surgery available at our Schenectady practice.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

While dental restorations can accomplish an impressive number of tasks, they’re not always the best step toward a healthier smile. Listed below are common types of oral surgery, paired with the instances in which they’re appropriate forms of treatment.

  • Tooth extraction – Have you heard the term “preventive dentistry” before? By stopping problems before they can take hold, you prevent untold dental problems and tooth damage. Extractions remove problematic teeth before they can decay, affect your bite, or cause other issues. Extractions may also be necessary to make room for teeth to shift during orthodontic treatment.
  • Gum graft – Periodontal disease and chronic teeth grinding can cause gum recession. Exposed tooth roots change the look of your smile and are highly sensitive. A gum graft will both protect your teeth and balance your gum line. The tissue will be taken from elsewhere in your mouth and carefully grafted to the lacking area.
  • Bone graft – When you lose a tooth, that area of your jawbone begins losing density. This can lead to changes in facial structure, and also makes it difficult to receive an implant. A bone graft will supplement the area and prepare it for implant placement.
  • Dental implant placement – Dental implants act as permanent tooth root replacements. They bond with your natural bone over time to form the stablest possible connection. When paired with dental restorations, implants allow patients to replace entire missing teeth.

Pursuing Oral Surgery in Schenctady

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