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Schenectady dentist mouth guard for teeth grindingOur Schenectady dentist finds that many dental patients have misperceptions about teeth grinding. Grinding can seem less damaging than other dental concerns like periodontal disease or tooth decay. Those warned of their grinding tendencies think: how could our teeth grinding against one another create as many problems as harmful bacteria? In truth, teeth grinding has the same consequences as periodontitis and advanced cavities – all can end in tooth loss. Unchecked grinding will wear down your teeth until your smile is altered, your teeth worn and sensitive, and your bite compromised. Fortunately, the solution to grinding is much simpler than periodontal therapy or fillings.

Mouth Guards: Schenectady Dentist’s Answer to Teeth Grinding

Mouth guards are simple plastic trays that fit over your teeth. These custom guards are made from impressions taken of your teeth, so that the trays fit perfectly. Mouth guards should be worn at times when you may fall prey to grinding. Most teeth grinders set their jaws moving at night, while they are asleep. This is when grinding can be the most damaging, as the patient isn’t aware that any grinding is going on. Night grinding can cause daily headaches, poor quality of sleep, jaw pain, and other facial pain. A simple mouth guard can alleviate these symptoms and transform the way you feel when you wake up each morning.

Wearing a mouth guard at night does not affect your social or professional lives, and prevents significant dental problems. A mouth guard can even be the first step toward cutting down your stress. You may find yourself feeling more refreshed and capable each day. These benefits all result from the addition of a simple plastic tray to your nightly routine.

Join the ranks of the mouth guard wearers to protect your teeth from themselves! If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth at night, contact our Schenectady dentist.

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