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When you're in pain, it's difficult to focus on anything other than your discomfort. Pain related to a TMJ disorder is even more frustrating. TMJ problems tend to be aggravated by stress (although really, what isn't?), and the more pain you feel, the more stressed you become. Our Schenectady dentist is stepping up to end this vicious cycle. With Botox Medical for TMJ/TMD, you will experience relief from pain after a single, quick treatment. If you've tried other methods and can't find a TMJ resolution, it's time to consider Botox treatment.

Botox for TMJ Pain and TMJ Disorders | Schenectady Dentist

TMJ disorders result from an overworked or incorrectly functioning temporomandibular joint (your TMJ). This joint connects your lower jaw to your upper jaw and skull, and is responsible for all your jaw movements. As you can predict, this leaves it open to misuse.

When patients clench their teeth, grind their teeth, or otherwise overwork this joint, it begins to suffer. You may feel resulting pain of any of the following varieties:

  • Head pain
  • Facial pain
  • Migraines
  • Jaw Pain
  • Mouth Pain
  • Ear Pain

...and we don't want for any of our patients to have to go through that.

Enter Botox Medical. Botox stops chronic pain by preventing painful, overworked muscles from contracting. When injected directly into the TMJ, Botox will calm the joint and allow it to relax and heal. You will still be able to use your jaw, and Botox won't affect its movement in a noticeable way. All it will accomplish is pain relief and healing.

We offer other types of TMJ therapy as well, including splints and exercises. If you're curious about Botox's potential role in your TMJ treatment, just give our Schenectady dentist a call at 518-374-9770 to discuss specifics. You shouldn't spend another day in discomfort.

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